Our guest for this episode is Justin Rondeau from WhichTestWon. We discuss Justin’s approach to conversion optimization strategy, the importance of making decisions only on good test data, and some interesting case studies from the WhichTestWon library of A/B tests.

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  • Christian Haugaard Brix

    Thanks a lot for doing this podcast Teo! Really enjoy it and learning good tips in the CRO game.
    (BTW I wrote a lengthy comment with a suggestion etc, but lost it because Discuss sign up apparently sucks on iPhone..)

    • Thanks for the kind words Christian. Appreciate it. I’m trying to move to a more regular publishing schedule (once every 2 weeks), and I’m trying to look into features such as transcripts for people who like to read. Stay tuned.

      iTunes reviews are welcome: and of course, let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.

      • Christian Haugaard Brix

        Sweet news, Teo! Just discovered the podcast a few weeks back and have already consumed all episodes – so looking forward to regular seeing more episodes.
        (Review with 5 stars IS done in iTunes :-))

        • Awesome. Will be publishing another episode soon, it’s in post-production. 🙂 Thanks for the review, I know what a pain iTunes can be sometimes.

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